Sunday, October 6, 2013

bangs envy

I've been having some serious "bangs envy" lately. As I've been watching nothing but New Girl on Netflix (I'm all caught up, finally) and noticing how freaking cute Zooey Deschanel is - whom I've been compared to looks and quirk-wise, which is totally flattering - I can't help but seriously contemplate getting bangs. I feel like since I've made the decision to dive in next time I get my hair cut, I've seen nothing but amazing fringes. Now I'm just completely excited and totally impatiently awaiting for my next hair appointment. So, until that time, I'm just going to unload a few cute fringe pictures. Most picture may or may not be of ZD, considering I'm having a new found girl crush on her. Enjoy!

 Now, you can't tell me this doesn't make you want to go and chop all of your long bangs off, right?!
Catchya next time,