Tuesday, September 10, 2013

pretty food

Like most people I absolutely LOVE food. Eating it, looking at it, cooking it (okay lets be real, I can't cook, but I like watching people cook...and I'll certainly learn one day!) and everything in between. More recently I've been having quite the love affair with photos of food. I've been following new Tumblr blogs, and Instagrams, and I've seen so many amazing food photos, as well as recipes I'd love to try.

In light of my new found love for food photography, I've compiled a few photos I've been collecting to post on my blog! Maybe you'll find something new and inspiring. Hopefully you'll enjoy these as much as I do.  

*Warning - pictures may make you quite hungry after viewing*
Photo by Bonnie Barton - flashesofstyle.blogspot.com & colorfulkeys.tumblr.com

found via tumblr.

found via tumblr.

found via tumblr.

*Instagram photos found via instagram.com/silverspies - check out her photos; they're absolutely amazing and inspirational! I love looking through her Instagram for new recipes/photo inspo.

Do you get the same yummy tummy feels as I do whilst looking at these?! I can't imagine how you couldn't! I could post so many more, but It would just be food pictures for days, and I don't want to get too crazy...yet! Maybe I'll get to making some new and similar concoctions soon. Stay tuned ;)

Catchya next time,

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