Saturday, September 14, 2013

thrift store/goodwill haul!

Yesterday and today I did a little bit of thrift shopping around the area, as well as some store-to-store shopping with my mom. I picked up just a few things, so I figured I'd share them with you.

Amazing chocolate colored velvet cardigan. I was so excited when I spotted this gem.
Neutral floral printed long-sleeved blouse. I love floral printed everything, for the most part. I thought this was so pretty. I can't wait to pair it with some cute black jeans, boots and my bowler hat! I'm so ready for the Fall weather.
Denim jacket/buttom up/chambray shirt pieces are always a staple in anyone's closet. In my personal opinion, that is. They go with nearly anything, and they just add a "little something" to your outfit. I was super stoked when I found this little treasure sitting on the rack. These are always so expensive in stores. It was only 5 bucks!
I always find the best books in goodwill. They have the best prices and people get rid of the craziest good reads! I just don't understand how people get rid of books. I've never heard of "Poetry and Purgatory", but when I read the back I was instantly intrigued, so I decided to buy it. I always find the best wallets and purses at goodwill, as well, and this wallet is so cute/perfect; I had to have it.
I picked these adorable socks up at DSW for 5 bucks. Kitties and stripes? Most perfect of all combinations... Obviously.
I FINALLY jumped on the converse bandwagon. I know, I know! I'm sure you're thinking "how the hell have you gone 21 years without converses?!" And I wish I had an answer to that question; but I just don't know one. Anyway, my mama had some coupons for Kohls, and since they were having an awesome sale, she decided to buy these for me. Which was so lovely, because I've been eying these up for years now, I've just never really had the money/thought to buy them. I'm so happy they're finally apart of my collection!       

Hope you enjoyed that mini haul. Budgeting little amounts of money always proves to be difficult, but I have to find some sort of happy medium every once and awhile. So, naturally, thrifting is always my go-to. You can find so many good things there, and there are always so many DYI projects just hanging around. 

Catchya next time,

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